Brock Lesnar Vs Ryback – What if?

Muscle Mania right here - but would it be a PPV worthy match?

Muscle Mania right here – but would it be a PPV worthy match?

It seems unreal thinking about it but once upon a time (D)Ryback was in the main event scene and destined to become WWE Champion. Then of course he went on a streak that I’m not sure will ever be broken, losing every main event for well over 6 months.

Then even stranger was his brief alliance with the star maker, Paul Heyman. The borderline homosexual pairing was actually making surprisingly entertaining TV. Then they split after he failed to protect Heyman from the mauling dished out by punk at Hell in a Cell 2013.

And so presently Heyman is realigned with his original client, the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar.

Which begs the question: how long til these two behemoths cross paths?

Currently Ryback has a tag partner in the form of Curtis Axel. He also is waging a silent-blink-and-you’ll-miss-it war against the Internet Wrestling Community. He has adopted the phrase “eat, tweet, delete, repeat”.

Ultimately this doesn’t translate to in ring skill but it is somewhat entertaining. It is also close to Brock’s current ethos: “eat, sleep, conquer, repeat”.

Story-wise it’d be easy for Ryback to get to Heyman: Revenge for being ditched. And of course Brock would defend him. Simple enough, even given the long gap between their last interaction.

Why this match should happen however is because of the sheer physicality that would be on show. Let’s not get it twisted; there wouldn’t be many wrestling holds going on here.

But looking at how Brock annihilated the big show at the Royal Rumble (with hilarious non PG comments spouting from the Big Show on the impact of nearly every chair shot)
The outlook was made clear: Brock is dangerous.

Looking at the recent spat of concussions caused by (D)Ryback he too is dangerous although in the wrong way.

Brock had a concussion during his summer program of matches with Triple H and still conpleted the match. So (D)Ryback’s stiff working style wouldn’t be an issue for Brock to handle. Let’s not forget Brock is a Former UFC heavyweight champion.

That’s not a title to be sniffed at. It also means if (D)Ryback gets too stiff, Brock has more than the kimora lock to loosen those limbs. Saying that if does break down, they should be allowed to go at it.

No disqualification. No countout.

Although Brock has named himself the unofficial number 1 contender, the official number is Batista. So it is more likely Brock will cross paths with him before (D)Ryback.

But this match needs to happen at some point. For (D)Ryback’s sake.


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